I am an interdisciplinary visual artist with a foundation in traditional and expanded drawing practices, printmaking, digital media, and sculpture-installation. My interest is in the history of artifacts, images, and plants, and my work explores metaphoric representations of the body and its physical and temporal relationship to the built and natural environment. These fascinations have led me to create artworks that investigate ideas of nature, displacement, and self-reflection, and increasingly relevant are concepts of material as memory and notions of ecological kinship. My most recent work, Trees That Follow Me, is a series of drawings that explore ecology, abstraction, and memory.

I received an MFA at Washington University STL and a BA at the University of Guelph. I have since taught as a visual arts professor and writing instructor in global world history within college and university programs in Canada and the United States, including U of Guelph, UC San Diego, and U of Fraser Valley. My work has been exhibited in public and private spaces in North America and most recently Europe. I currently live in Maastricht, Netherlands.