Sometimes Still Life


This series of works explore environmental patterns, both aesthetic and seasonal, while making visual associations to the body. Through the use of various mediums like drawing, photography, stone lithography and sculpture-installation, these works depict interpretations of the body and landscape, while quietly referencing the liminality of a “super bloom” phenomenon.

A super bloom phenomenon is a concentrated variety of small wildflowers in the landscape that exceed a typical seasonal bloom in their abundance. It is a rare event where floral seeds lay dormant within the terrain until particular conditions are met. Unique in profusion and timing, this botanical occurrence relies on a fragile and balanced patterning of ecological conditions to take place. The floral imagery represented in this artwork was documented in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park during a super bloom event. The documentation from this experience and the visual juxtaposition of the flower and landscape are intended to conjure ideas about the body’s temporality to the living environment.

These artworks are visual meditations of navigating and searching the terrain, revealing and concealing the natural cycles we are part of. They are representations of the body’s physical relationship to the landscape and metaphors of a moment in time that seems “sometimes still” and yet passes before our very eyes.