Archive of Touch Touch of Archive


This multi-media project is comprised of stone lithography prints, cast sculpture with floral arrangements, and installation made specifically for the exhibition space as a way to engage the existing architecture. Interested in the form and materiality of historic objects, these works evoke concepts of presence and absence, while referencing artifacts displaced from their “intended” place or site.

A specific example of this is the fragment, Latona. Latona is a pedimental sculpture that was part of the Parthenon temple until its forced removal over two centuries ago. Seeing the display of this ‘object’ in person and its exposed materiality led to thoughts about its intermediate presence and how an intended context and sense of place had been disrupted and reinterpreted. Both visible and covered, the trace of the sculpted body on the surface of the stone seemed both a void and vessel of what it once was. This question was an entry point to consider the formal qualities of the ‘veiled’ stone beneath the ‘drapery’ of the body and the material animism that situated it.

The artworks in this series look to explore a sense of material memory and a visible trace of what was once there. Each work attempts to make visible the temporal process of their making and a transient archive of touch.